Empty Hands filled with Hope

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca

I have nothing in my hands,

That I raise to seek you.

I earned nothing in life,

But faith to meet you.

I share all my grievances,

And cry on your shoulder,

To praise your Majesty..

To seek true Guidance..

And Forgiveness.

Of all sins,

And for evil intentions.

Fill these empty hands,

With firmness of Faith,

In the unseen world.

With determination,

And consistency.

I seek your Companionship,

For which I’m bearing,

The burden of life.

~ Umair R.~


I am the Mankind

I'm the Light. I own the Darkness.

I’m the Light. I own the Darkness.

“I am one with all things – in beauty, in ugliness, for whatsoever is – there I am.

Not only in virtue but sin too, I am a partner, and not only heaven but hell too is mine.

Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu – it is easy to be their heir.

But Genghis, Taimur, and Hitler?

They are also within me!

No, not half – I am the whole of mankind.

Whatsoever is man’s … is mine – Flowers and thorns, darkness as well as light,

and if nectar is mine, whose is poison?

Nectar and poison – both are mine.

Whoever experiences this I call religious, for only the anguish of such experience can revolutionize life on earth.”

– Osho.


I often ask myself, several questions.. but seldom get straight answers.

I often ask myself, several questions.. but seldom get straight answers.

Who AM I?

I’m an ego of shattered confidence,

I’m the fire of hatred that burn myself,

I’m the emptiness filled with the deprived crowd,

I’m the unspoken emotions that seek ears,

I’m an unpleasant gesture that need acceptance,

I’m the aggression of ocean waves,

I’m the thunder of sacred storm,

I’m the bitter.. illusive reality,

and the calm peaceful truth..

Someone who seek something unknown.. undiscovered.. vague yet desirable..

outside the self.. and in the world around..

.. in books, speeches, temples, churches and mosques..

or within..

What am I searching for?

The truth.. God? or myself..

Are these three separated from one another?

………… ………………… ……………..

LOVE – the superficial & over rated emotion !!


Love is around You !

I was just having a conversation with my friend about love. When I asked him about what he think of Love. He surprised me saying he has tried to Google many definitions of the word Love but unfortunately couldn’t get a proper and complete definition. I smiled on his sweet reply and on his innocence. In all generations, this is the most discussed topic, in books, television, movies, even it’s a hot point of conversation during teen and young age.. People falling in love with each other and feel it differently in different situations and time.

Well, I think society and especially media have made this simple thing so complex that people spend their lives waiting for the right time for the right person to fall in love. I believe, the purest and the unconditional love is of God that one can find using all his five or six senses around him in His universe. this is the Love of Creator with His creation that is so apparent that we humans take it for granted. How many of us appreciate that we are living a life that somebody might be fighting for and counting his last few breaths on death bed. We can see the beauty in green plants and colorful flowers, in the light rays at the time of dawn and dusk. We can smell our favorite perfumes and natural fragrances, we can taste the delicious food and enjoy dining in and out with family and friends. We can walk on our feet that some people can’t have this privilege. But the overwhelming desire of having latest and luxurious vehicles deprive us to enjoy and be thankful of this blessing of God.

I would like to share the point when a human being is loved by other human being after God. It was a mother’s love, she loves a child and feels his presence and life in her womb even before seeing her child. That is Love. the true and unconditional. So it is about the purest and honest feeling that we feel for us or someone else. it could be for a plant or animal as well.. and if we start loving us and count blessings around us than we would definitely be thankful for everything. so Stop waiting for Mr. Right or Miss Right ! and appreciate and celebrate the love that is inside you and everywhere spread around you. Things come to us on the right time, worrying and desperation just ruin our present that is a Gift and is so Beautiful.

Blessings upon you.