Doing what you don’t want to do or you are not meant to do is a serious crime you commit on yourself.
~Umair R.~



I crave for silence when my mind makes the chaotic noise.
I seek refuge in thoughts when get surrounded by external voice.
~Umair R.~

When I Fail to Talk


When I realize, I can’t talk well

I open my laptop,

And start to write..

So that I feel worthy enough

Capable of sharing ideas,

And influence minds..

With every realization,

Of my inability to talk,

I come up with a piece,

That speaks my mind,

Worthy of listening

And worth sharing

~Umair R.~

Belief Changes Our Lives


There is a popular belief that we get life for once so we should make best of it, and the sole purpose of this is to achieve happiness, which even most wealthy people in this world, can’t enjoy life. Life doesn’t spare anyone, not even wealthy people. Either some people die of poverty, or some people spend millions to seek cure for illness. The powerful has no accountability in this world, and the murderer of 100 people will be hanged for once if caught. so there can never be justice in this life.

On the contrary to this, there is a belief that there is life hereafter, which is eternal.. this belief, gives us strength of bear all worldly problems, illnesses, poverty, injustice because we know that by facing the pain in this life, there is a greater reward. We have to pay for our actions. If we do good, we will get good and if we do evil deeds, we will be punished. This belief, changes the entire life of people. If we have firm belief on this, there would be no injustice, or cruelty in this worldly life. We get strength of bear pain, and hardship, and the powerful in this world, will have a fear to be accountable in the next life. and the poor and miserable people would have a relief that this worldly pain is temporary and this would end in few years.

Thus, what we believe in life, changes our lives. Everyone dies anyway.

Choose to believe wisely.

~Umair R.~

In the Middle of Nowhere..


I was away from WordPress for few weeks or maybe months.. I didn’t feel any urge for writing, when I see my previous poetry, I get surprised and don’t believe that I wrote those pieces.. Most of my poetry and writing were spontaneous.. I never planned to write something about any topic. Anyway, I came to the point where I realised that I am not interested in writing and it was not my ‘real’ passion. In this span of time, I was actually figuring out my real passion.

There was a time (two years back) I was very enthusiastic to bring about change in society and to contribute in the change process. I joined few NGOs, volunteered for various causes from education to underprivileged children to child abuse and reproduction health. Then I realised that change can only be brought through the field of education. With that realisation, I found teaching as my passion, and I strived hard to get a job as faculty. Luckily I got a course to teach to BBA and MBA students in a business school. I completed one semester with great enthusiasm and thought I have found my ‘real’ passion. Meanwhile I became active on blogging, writing blog posts and poetry about philosophy and spirituality. Teaching and writing became my passion. Then in past few months, I no more felt the same urge to teach or write. I searched on Internet whether one’s passion can change? And the answer was YES, passion does change with time.

Right now, I am in the middle of nowhere. I came to UAE to work in uncle’s company with almost no excitement. I have been to UAE couple of times before but never found this place exciting. Since I was not doing anything in my country, Pakistan so I came here to ‘explore’ new opportunities. I don’t know what future brings for me. But right now I struggle hard to find a passion, maybe a new passion because previous passions don’t interest me anymore. I want to spread my ideas, and help people, bring about change, I can do this through writing. But in this case, I need to be consistent. And consistency is something that I lack. I search for my personality type and I fall under the category of INFP. These people are creative and idealistic, they feel an urge to work for some cause, but it’s hard for them to find the work that best suits their interest and temperament. I hope and wish I find something that I love and be consistent with that.


~Umair R.~

Changing Self


I am a person comprised of an old soul
The soul that has travelled into ages,
Generation after generation,
That has seen several autumns and spring..
Each day I meet with a new evolved person inside me,
The old gets transformed into a new being,
With different purpose and ambition
And experiences changing passion
And finds different reasons,
To live and to serve..
This fluctuation keeps me on a journey that never ends..
Moving on a parallel road without any curve,
Each day, I look forward to a different cause,
Pursuit of which, becomes the core purpose of my existence,
The next day, I have another goal..
And it continues without any pause.

~Umair R.~

Inner Chaos


Nothing hurts me more than my self image
The complexes I’ve about myself
Getting more complicated. .
Making me inferior each passing moment
The chaotic thoughts make the most of noise
In my head, that shakes my soul
Keeping me away from desired peace
This was never my choice..
But it seems,
I find comfort in this turmoil
The disharmony gives fuel to my meaningless existence,
Of all the inconsistent experiences I have,
After all,
This chaos is the most consistent habitat of my ever changing mind.
~Umair R.~

Social Acceptance Versus Self Acceptance

The_art_of_pretending__by_NonnettaWe have often heard about ranting of social victims regarding rejection from the society. They claim that they are the individuals of the same society therefore possess equal social rights and concerned authorities and common public should not neglect them. This is what we call ‘social acceptance’ that they demand from society as being the citizens of the same social system.

The neglected citizens of society broadly range from social division on the basis of economic status, gender, physical or mental health, sexual orientation or anything that makes someone less respectful among the people. There are numerous human rights organizations working for the uplifting of neglected segments of society, and their social acceptance through public awareness campaigns on local and international level. The aim of such movements is to strive for the rights of the unfortunate victims of fate and society, through collective effort and mass support.

In my opinion, social acceptance is not as much needed to raise the self-esteem of the social victims of fate. Contrary to the popular struggle to gain mass acceptance, self-acceptance is more crucial for one’s dignity. Before we ask and expect others to accept us, we should develop higher consciousness to accept us of who we are regardless of the unfortunate circumstances that make us that way.

Self-esteem is linked mostly with individual state of mind and being than the outside environment. Similarly self-image is more important than the world view of yours. If a mental health patient considers him/herself as an unfortunate victim or an undesired member of society, he/she would never overcome that stigma, not even if his family and social circle accepts or welcomes him to contribute in society. Likewise, if a rape victim reaches to the point to end her life deeming she has no place to live a respectful life in society, she will never be able to convince herself to start a new life with a hope and determination.

Therefore, before we desire social acceptance we should strive to attain a mental state where we truly accept ourselves without any discrimination or biased opinion about us. We should first kill our internal fears and prejudices in order to face the world with firm confidence and stand in front of society with dignity and pride.

We do more harm to ourselves by considering us lower than others in respect. By doing so, we give up all our rights and put ourselves at the mercy of society. We beg for social acceptance because we don’t get it from ourselves. Once we work internally, create harmony within and conquer the battle with the self, we come up with a new clearer self-image with high esteem and don’t need others to provide an opinion about us.

We are empowered to meet all social challenges by finding beauty in the wilderness. This happens, when we accept our fate and forgive ourselves of whatever happened to us and find a new perspective of looking at things. By doing so, our misery appears smaller and we land in the world of unexplored opportunities simply by making weaknesses as our unbeatable strengths.

When life takes something, it empowers us with a new blessing and strength but it is up to us whether we dwell upon the miseries and make it the center of our lives or we find the sparkling ray of light in the darkness and focus all our energies on that. For instance, Schizophrenics and bipolar people are blessed with immense creativity which they can use to introduce world to a great work of art.

Any person can make a significant contribution through his work in society regardless of their sexual orientation if he accepts himself and ends the internal battle with fate. Sometimes, we indulge in finding answers of complex questions through our limited reason and ignore the endless opportunities that nature brings before us.

In my opinion, self-acceptance is far more important and should be more desirable than social acceptance. The victims of fate and society should first create harmony within and attain internal peace. I am optimistic that they can win any social battle if they decide to come out of their victimized self-image and choose to be a significant and productive member of society. They should and must accept themselves so that no one else can reject their noble existence.

~ Umair R. ~

Originally published in Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences (JPMS)