Quote of the Day – The Wild Thoughts


It is very easy to give advice to others to be calm and patient, but when you’re going through an aggressive storm of emotions, it gets almost impossible to calm your mind and settle down the wild thoughts. – Umair R.

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Limitation of Human Reason


Abduh states: “…but reason quite lacks the competence to penetrate to the essence of things. For the attempt to discern the nature of things, which necessarily belongs with their essential complexity, would have to lead to the pure essence and to this, necessarily, there is no rational access. So the utmost that our rationality can attain is acknowledgement of accidents and effects. ..Take, for example, light – the most clear and evident of things. Students have propounded many laws about it and arranged them in a special science. But none of them can understand what it is or penetrate the nature of illumination. They know only about light what every non-student using his eyes knows equally well… The study of creation is necessarily salutary in a practical way and lightens for the soul the way to the knowledge of Him who can be characterized by the fact that aside from Him none of these things would have the order they plainly possess. Contradictory views of the universe are part of the conflict of truth with error. Truth must prevail over falsehood by dint of sound thought or by the strength of the case outweighing its weakness…the Qur’an and earlier Scriptures confine themselves to directing attention to the creator’s existence and to His perfect attributes, as these may be known from the contemplation of the created world. As for the nature of His attributes and what they signify, it is beyond our province to discuss.”

Excerpt: [Theology of Unity, p.55] by Mufti Muhammad Abduh

Submission of Ego


I wish to dwell in tranquility
With all my imperfections
I desire amity of mind and soul
By blocking chaotic thoughts
the worst enemy of my peace
Let the door be shut with ignorance
The reason that makes me at unease
The rising intellect that seem to please
I adore the calmness in noisy world
The silence that conjures the passion
The tides that are prisoned within me
I wish not to see things with open eyes
Because what I see, often deceives
I want to Trust the voice within
That always guided me secretly
In the quest of sacred path
That starts from my heart
And would lead me anywhere
Free of time and space
Today I am submitting my ego
Because I no longer wish to belong
To the shamming world of dead

~Umair Raheel~

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Audience is not a Victim


Reminder: you gotta Brain.

It’s not always fair to blame media for producing massive garbage for us. It’s other way round. We as an audience crave for this rubbish and nonsense content in the name of entertainment. Mass media is just following demand & supply rule. Therefore, before criticising what you see on television or blaming musicians for promoting vulgarity in youth, we need to reconsider our own choices. Indeed, audience has more power to accept or reject. What you allow, will penetrate in your mind. Don’t play as victim.

Marching Towards Inner Peace..

Inner PeaceThe word freedom has multiple connotations. For me freedom is a calm feeling to live a life free from all fears. A greater part of our lives go wasted while being trapped in mixed feelings of fear and unknown confusion about our own existence or the world we are surrounded with. We get too many questions to answer and some worries and concerns about daily life chores that made us pre-occupied with strange thoughts thus failing to get real exposure of life – The life which is long awaited behind the shadows of darkness and uncertainty. This is the point where faith serves as vehicle and shines a ray of hope emerging from dark clouds of disappointment, fear or any other negative energy.

Life is meant to be lived fully with the interest-in-life intact. Every day brings a hope towards life and motivates you for moving forward. I agree many internal and external factors discourage us in our struggle to live in peace and at the same time it depends on us to what extend we let those pulling factors rule our mind. Mind is the admin of body and it is controlled by soul. Soul is absolutely free from time and space. It’s our choice if we work harder on outer body and appearance or strive to nourish soul to get the inner peace of mind. By doing this we would not only become free from stress and all other negative energies but also start emitting positive vibes and surround ourselves with favorable environment which will protect our inner peace by not letting external situations affect it.

Blessings be upon You.