A Break from Routine Improves Mood

Today I went out of the way of my nature. I watched some football, played Bubble Shooter on phone, and watched some Tedx videos. I never used to do that. I have been in a low mood, and in a feeling of despair. As I am unemployed at the moment and the irony is I don’t want to do what I was going. I was not enjoying jobs that I did. I changed a lot of jobs and careers with the aim to find my calling. In this state of confusion, I got into depression and developed a sense of failure. Getting failed in something is not worse than not knowing what you should do.

So, today I decided to go against my nature. Therefore, I watched some football. I don’t know anything about the game. I just know that group of people of two teams kick a ball from foot to get a goal. and Goalkeeper is there to stop the goal of opposite team.

I couldn’t watch football for more than 10 minutes. So I downloaded Bubble Shooter. I knew about this game because one of my colleagues used to play it at work 8 years ago. She was fond of this game. I was attracted to it because of colorful balls and a cool ambiance.

Surprisingly I really enjoyed the game and continued playing for 2-3 hours and cleared 50 levels successfully. It developed a sense of achievement and refreshed my mood.

Then, just before writing this post, I watched two inspirational TEDx videos on Youtube. And from there I got excited to write something about my experience of the day.

I started the day with the usual feelings of despair and disappointment and got into a happy state of mind. I realized sometimes going against your routine and trying experiencing something different activates part of your brain that releases good chemicals. I don’t know much about neuroscience but from the psychology point of view, I could surely say that it really helps. And there is certainly no harm in trying it.

Umair Raheel.


The Suppressed Pain


The Suppressed pain is often bled in writing because it is the only path which allows blood of sorrow to flow and reach its destination. ~ Umair R. ~


Image Source: https://johnpavlovitz.com/2015/08/02/thank-you-for-bleeding-a-love-letter-to-writers/

You’re the Pain that I Enjoy


You are the pain that lingers within my bones,

You are the blood that flows in my flesh.

Like an unsaid musing, or incomplete poem,

You are the conflicts in my head that often clash.


The baffling mystery which I seek to solve,

The murky treasure that give me a thrill.

Like stormy winds which starkly revolve,

Or like a peaceful lake which remains still.


You’re the secret which I can’t unfold,

Enchanting, delightful and the bold.

The chemistry between us remains vague,

But the conflict can’t make the tie break.


The image of yours, I have in my head,

May not resemble with you as I said.

You will remain pretty and adorable,

Nothing can make you less desirable.


~ Umair R. ~

Image Source: http://worldartcentre.blogspot.ae/2013/05/woman-abstract-painting.html

Show Me Your Soul



Show me your scars
On the soul
That is not visible
by the naked eye

Show me your pain
You hide so well
beneath your smile
Show me the wounds
On your skin
That disappeared with
The passage of time
Which still bleed
In your writing

Open up your heart
And Tell me about

Your fear and insecurities
Share with me
Your haunting thoughts
That don’t let you sleep
Introduce me with
The monsters that reside
Inside your head
Show me your body
Every shattered piece
That has a story to tell
Unfold yourself
Layer by layer
I want to see
Your real self
Put off that mask
That you wear
In public
Tell me,
That you are not strong
As you appear
That you are empty from inside
And need to be filled
With care and affection
Admit it,
That you need me
Believe it,
You too deserve love.

~Umair R.~

Image Source: http://brw.md/art-proekt-show-me-your-pain-a-chto-est-vasha-bol/


I love W O R D S,
They are magical.
Through this instrument of ecstasy,
I get detached from the illusion of this world.
And create my own reality,
A feeling that doesn’t need acceptance.
The truth which doesn’t require explanation.

~Umair R.~