Show Me Your Soul



Show me your scars
On the soul
That is not visible
by the naked eye

Show me your pain
You hide so well
beneath your smile
Show me the wounds
On your skin
That disappeared with
The passage of time
Which still bleed
In your writing

Open up your heart
And Tell me about

Your fear and insecurities
Share with me
Your haunting thoughts
That don’t let you sleep
Introduce me with
The monsters that reside
Inside your head
Show me your body
Every shattered piece
That has a story to tell
Unfold yourself
Layer by layer
I want to see
Your real self
Put off that mask
That you wear
In public
Tell me,
That you are not strong
As you appear
That you are empty from inside
And need to be filled
With care and affection
Admit it,
That you need me
Believe it,
You too deserve love.

~Philo W.~

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I love W O R D S,
They are magical.
Through this instrument of ecstasy,
I get detached from the illusion of this world.
And create my own reality,
A feeling that doesn’t need acceptance.
The truth which doesn’t require explanation.
~Philo W.~

When I Fail to Talk


When I realize, I can’t talk well

I open my laptop,

And start to write..

So that I feel worthy enough

Capable of sharing ideas,

And influence minds..

With every realization,

Of my inability to talk,

I come up with a piece,

That speaks my mind,

Worthy of listening

And worth sharing

~Philo W.~

Inner Chaos


Nothing hurts me more than my self image
The complexes I’ve about myself
Getting more complicated. .
Making me inferior each passing moment
The chaotic thoughts make the most of noise
In my head, that shakes my soul
Keeping me away from desired peace
This was never my choice..
But it seems,
I find comfort in this turmoil
The disharmony gives fuel to my meaningless existence,
Of all the inconsistent experiences I have,
After all,
This chaos is the most consistent habitat of my ever changing mind.
~Philo W.~



Back then when I was young,
I liked to engage in conversations..
That don’t even need my participation,
But I liked to comment on every argument,
Without wasting a single moment.
Despite the fact..
I didn’t always have something important to present..
I simply liked to get involved in the debate..
And tried best to win the argument,
That gave me immense pleasure
And now..
When I have more exposure,
And we have more topics of conversation,
I don’t feel an urge of indulging..
Even when I have strong points in favor of my belief
When I could better defend my opinion
I disregard mere punching,
On the face of opponent.
I prefer to remain silent..
And practice patience
Silence worth more than thousand words
Because of its higher salience.
~Philo W.~