There is a Way !!


In the gloomy night,

Directed by the moon light

There is a way.

In the dark clouds of sadness

There is a ray of hope saying

There is a way.

Beneath the disappointed face,

See the hidden smile,

Which is ready to cherish.

Followed by the rough winds,

After the thunder storms,

There comes the sunshine,

Whispering softly,

Don’t give up,

There is a way.

~ Umair R. ~

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Your belief won’t affect anyone else. It will only affect you and your life. So choose wisely.

~Umair R.~

The Wild Journey

bigstock-Stone-Road-In-Garden-1243359 (1) It’s a journey through wild storms

That brought merciless

Tides of emotions

Drained in the floods of tears,

The journey of roller coaster,

That weighs me down

And lifted me up,

The restless battle of reason,

And the heart filled with faith

The journey of,

Untamed wild thoughts

And lost temperament

The war fought within,

Between the virtue & the sin

A journey that witnesses,

Unshakable courage,

On haunting occasions

Of the unmet desires,

And unwise decisions

This is the book of,


Lessons learned by

Unforgettable experiences

I am writing today,

The pain and the misery,

With the blend of gratitude,

For the gifts that it has given,

To mark my existence,

To travel the untraveled path.

~ Umair R. ~


O Lord – All-Seeing & All-Hearing

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Restlessness of my mind

Unseen fear of tomorrow

Filth of immoral character

Emptiness of my soul

Darkness of my heart

The untamed ego


Limitless worldly desires

Everything that keeps me

Away from you..

Take it back

I’m abandoning all

In return,

Bless me with calm mind

And purity of thoughts

Reflected in my actions

Deeds that you love


Bring me closer to you

Today and Forever.

Umair R.

Empty Hands filled with Hope

A Muslim pilgrim prays at the top of Mount Noor in Mecca

I have nothing in my hands,

That I raise to seek you.

I earned nothing in life,

But faith to meet you.

I share all my grievances,

And cry on your shoulder,

To praise your Majesty..

To seek true Guidance..

And Forgiveness.

Of all sins,

And for evil intentions.

Fill these empty hands,

With firmness of Faith,

In the unseen world.

With determination,

And consistency.

I seek your Companionship,

For which I’m bearing,

The burden of life.

~ Umair R.~

Limitation of Human Reason


Abduh states: “…but reason quite lacks the competence to penetrate to the essence of things. For the attempt to discern the nature of things, which necessarily belongs with their essential complexity, would have to lead to the pure essence and to this, necessarily, there is no rational access. So the utmost that our rationality can attain is acknowledgement of accidents and effects. ..Take, for example, light – the most clear and evident of things. Students have propounded many laws about it and arranged them in a special science. But none of them can understand what it is or penetrate the nature of illumination. They know only about light what every non-student using his eyes knows equally well… The study of creation is necessarily salutary in a practical way and lightens for the soul the way to the knowledge of Him who can be characterized by the fact that aside from Him none of these things would have the order they plainly possess. Contradictory views of the universe are part of the conflict of truth with error. Truth must prevail over falsehood by dint of sound thought or by the strength of the case outweighing its weakness…the Qur’an and earlier Scriptures confine themselves to directing attention to the creator’s existence and to His perfect attributes, as these may be known from the contemplation of the created world. As for the nature of His attributes and what they signify, it is beyond our province to discuss.”

Excerpt: [Theology of Unity, p.55] by Mufti Muhammad Abduh

 Arguments about Existence of God


“Among the proofs of knowledge in the necessary Being is what we may observe of the principles and certainties in the order of the contingent universe, and the fact that everything has its place, and each has at hand what is needful for it to be and continue to be. This situation manifests itself readily in the spectacle of things visible, small and great, high and low. Take the situation among the stars and their dependable interrelation, the fixed law of their movement by which they keep their appointed courses and every star knows its orbit. Were they irregular, the planetary order – indeed the whole universe – would be thrown into confusion. There are other points which the astronomical sciences expound. All this bears witness to the maker’s knowledge and wisdom… Take, again, what is observable in the detailed study of plants and animals and the powers with which they are endowed, and the organs as needful for the maintenance of life, with faculties and limbs rightly located in their bodies. The insensible things among them, like plants, have a natural capacity to obtain the appropriate food and leave the inappropriate. The seed of the colocynth is there side by side with the melon seed, in one ground and water and in the same cultivation. Yet the one takes from the one context what yields the bitterest poison and the other the most delightful sweetness. Consider too the guidance of the creatures of sense in the employment of their members and organs, and exercise of all their powers in their proper capacities. It is He who knows the embryo when it is no more than a sperm drop. He knows how, when it is perfected into a creature and has from Him the `fiat’ of independent life, it needs hands, feet, eyes, nose and ears and other, inner, faculties to use in pursuance of its being and in self-protection, as well as the necessity of stomach, liver and lung and the rest of the organs indispensable to growth and life throughout the allotted span.

Does not this created world, which men of intelligence fall over themselves to investigate until they attain its secrets, in truth bear witness to its originator, the all-knowing, who has given being to every created thing and guided it? Is it possible that nothing but coincidence, the thing we call `chance’, gave rise to all this order? Has chance laid down the laws upon which are built the universes mighty and lowly? Never. The artificer of all is He whom `not an atom’s weight in heaven and earth escapes’. He hears and knows all.”

Excerpt from:

Risalat al-Tawhid (Translation: The Theology of Unity, p.49]

by Mufti Muhammad Abduh.

Submission of Ego


I wish to dwell in tranquility
With all my imperfections
I desire amity of mind and soul
By blocking chaotic thoughts
the worst enemy of my peace
Let the door be shut with ignorance
The reason that makes me at unease
The rising intellect that seem to please
I adore the calmness in noisy world
The silence that conjures the passion
The tides that are prisoned within me
I wish not to see things with open eyes
Because what I see, often deceives
I want to Trust the voice within
That always guided me secretly
In the quest of sacred path
That starts from my heart
And would lead me anywhere
Free of time and space
Today I am submitting my ego
Because I no longer wish to belong
To the shamming world of dead

~Umair Raheel~

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Restless Battle of Reason Conquered by Faith

They say ignorance is bliss. The Ignorant is least bothered about whatever is happening to him and the world around. He seldom asks or questions anything. He just moves with a flow like a dead fish. I used to be witty, sarcastic and talkative, always willing to indulge in an argument and trying best to win. I was so sure about everything I believed. The confidence and energy was always at its optimal level. As I grew up, I became a completely changed person. It’s certain I am more knowledgeable than before but I have lost my confidence. When I knew little, I was so sure about everything. Now when I have more knowledge, I am full of doubts. Earlier, I had answers of all questions. Now there are more questions than the definite answers. Previously, I was determined to fight for my argument but today I don’t want to get into one.
I feel I know nothing with certainty. As I’m filling myself with more knowledge and up-to-date facts, the more I find myself hollow from inside. Each answer leads to several other questions. My existence gets smaller as I go deeper in an ocean of wisdom in pursuit of universal secrets. The appetite of intellect makes a person restless. His reason alone cannot lead him to the ultimate truth. As our sensory perceptions, human reason and intellectual capability is also limited. Now, I have realized the limitation of human mind whose power and complex working keep the scientists wondering, as it can give birth to thousands of questions through limitless imagination and wandering free of time and space but the human reason, fails to answer the questions with clarity and certainty. That’s why there are philosophers and other social scientists who spend their entire life in wondering and arguing, because they don’t want to believe in the limitation of human reason. Therefore, I have started the quest of wisdom through the divine light, which is our true guide and it will never leave us astray.

Today I have realized the power of faith and its edge over troubling reason. What’s more rational to believe that the Creator of all the known and unknown creatures is the One who is all knowing and the ultimate source of absolute wisdom.

Umair Raheel.

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Yes.. I’m the Believer

My eyes are burning..
With fully ripened dreams..
The desire of having all the undesired..
Keeping me awake all night..
The spark of energy has turned into an irresistible flame..
Which makes me go against myself, harder and harder..
Challenging the challenges. . Weakening the weaknesses. .
Within every disability there’s an ability..
What goes against the resistance survive the longest..
I thank all the odds that made me discover myself..
the suffering gives me a sense of being alive.. Being a warrior. .
I’m fighting the battle with empty hands..Have nothing to lose..
And there is a lot to Win.. To Explore.. To Discover..
My heart is full of eternal faith in myself.. in the universe and the Divine Creator..
Within every misfortune there lies a fortune..
Every dark night witnesses the sunshine..
Every misery awaits its Reward to compensate. .
We just need to be patient. . And to believe the Nature.
Yes, I’m the Believer.