The Wild Journey

bigstock-Stone-Road-In-Garden-1243359 (1) It’s a journey through wild storms

That brought merciless

Tides of emotions

Drained in the floods of tears,

The journey of roller coaster,

That weighs me down

And lifted me up,

The restless battle of reason,

And the heart filled with faith

The journey of,

Untamed wild thoughts

And lost temperament

The war fought within,

Between the virtue & the sin

A journey that witnesses,

Unshakable courage,

On haunting occasions

Of the unmet desires,

And unwise decisions

This is the book of,


Lessons learned by

Unforgettable experiences

I am writing today,

The pain and the misery,

With the blend of gratitude,

For the gifts that it has given,

To mark my existence,

To travel the untraveled path.

~ Umair R. ~



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