But Keep on Dreaming


I wonder if there is a place where all of our wishes come true, as soon as our mind desire them. Think of an A grade in exam and you get an A without putting much of an effort. Or you dream of a new model of BMW at night and next morning, you find the desired brand new car in your garage with keys hanging on your door handle. Can life be that dreamy? I know, it’s not and it can’t be. But just for a while, let’s ‘dream’ of a society where such miracles actually happen. Where wishes and dreams come true without praying to God or struggling for them!

Human life revolves around the pursuit of the dreams, ambitions and desires. Students work to get good grades while teachers work to get paid well. Mother spends her whole life to serve her children while father works hard to feed his family and to earn a comfortable life for his kids. In corporate world, employees work to get a monthly salary and a promotion at the end of the year, for that matter they spend 8 to 10 hours pleasing their bosses while the bosses with a suit and tie, do nothing but bother to maintain their reputation in front of the big boss. In this mechanical social cycle, one serves the other and in return gets served by someone else. For instance, your driver is your servant who gets your orders and keeps saluting you on his duty but at home, his wife waits to make him happy by any means. That helpless wife simultaneously spit her anger on her children and those children bully younger kids on streets and in schools.

In short, the wheel of society runs by getting orders from one side and giving to the other. Please the authority and get pleased by subordinates. The powerful has right to make laws for those who have to abide without questioning them and the powerful is above the law (this is what actually happen). And we all do this to earn our living. Of course, a man (who is a driver) doesn’t always like to salute his master or the maid at times may desire to get served by someone. But we do our duties to endure our life. And this is how this social system sustains itself.

We dream and desire and work hard to make our dreams come true. The entire purpose of living is to struggle for our dreams. But what if we don’t have to struggle to make our dreams come true? There would be no servant and no master. Nobody would like to travel via public transport if everyone could afford a car and a driver. But the question is who will make the car? And who would wish to become a driver? Would we like to go to the farms or villages to get vegetables for us? Or we should train ourselves for a haircut?

In this world, there is a majority of people who do what they don’t like. Not because they choose it for them but because there is no other choice left for them. The society decides professions. Whether one has to become the servant or the master? And that is the core principle on which this world of power revolves. Therefore, realistically, there would be no place where dreams come true by our own wishes. We have to achieve them through either honest struggle or unfair means. The unevenness and inequality in society is what keeps it going. We need sweepers, barbers, farmers equally as we need teachers, musicians and cricketers. It’s just that some of the occupations get massive respect for what they do perhaps they deserve it more because they have pursuit their dreams while others do their work only to sustain their living on the face of earth without getting enough respect and acknowledgement because they have not chosen their destiny and they don’t have time to dream.

Umair R.


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