Trailing Our Lost Inherent Identity


Researches often begin with hypothesis and perhaps, subconsciously scientists try to prove their suggested hypothesis. We tend to draw a conclusion or find an answer that suits to our prior beliefs and the finding that should ideally be aimed at the pursuit of truth, in reality ended up in validation of our existing beliefs and practices. It’s almost impossible to get fully neutral before undertaking a journey to find the truth. We cannot ignore the direct or indirect, noticeable or unnoticed influence of our norms and faith.

Philosophical approach in a way helps us to put in neutral gear by doubting everything in the beginning, including our own set of belief. However, it is really hard and not everyone can empty his mind from all prejudices and biases while assessing social ideologies. If you expect a possibility to be at a wrong side and feel no shame in accepting that than only your quest for truth would be on the neutral path. In this case, ideally you should not expect anything as a conclusion. And also you should be flexible enough to accept anything going against your beliefs.

There can be many sides of a story and people feel comfortable to choose a side that appears more rational and reasonable to them or the one which is in their greater interest. That doesn’t mean other sides don’t exist or they are absolutely wrong. The problem with today’s world is that we are being divided into groups of nationalities, cultures and religions rigidly therefore we, by default look for traits and attributes that differentiate us in order to be unique and preserve our individuality. Ironically, we find our identity in differentiation, which is the cause of all the disharmony and global unrest.

Ideally, we should be seeking similarities in order to get united with only our innate identity i.e. human beings; belonging to the same kingdom of humanity. And that oneness would help accept us all the differences that exist among people of different groups, as the creative art of the Creator. Unfortunately, it was not done since the primitive age of mankind otherwise entire nation-state system would make no sense and weapons of war would not be in high demand. Who would tell us that such weapons of mass destruction of humanity are used to ensure our own survival? Hatred among people is a proven instrument for ruling the world. Because peace seems to be a fantasy that is only used to make people dream and manipulate to acquire the vested interests of monarchs, democrats and dictators.

I was talking about the truth. Philosophy taught me that truth can be subjective in the mortal world but there is only one universal truth that is keeping the universe in its perfect order and harmony. All the sacred ways lead to the same divine authority but we on the basis of our different backgrounds and identities purse Him in different ways. And I’m certain if we start our sacred quest by getting neutral (ignoring all the differences and hatred developed on the grounds of culture and religion) by just owning our innate identity as human being – a humble creature and obedient seeker, we can reach the ultimate truth – whose love is same for all.

Umair R.


2 thoughts on “Trailing Our Lost Inherent Identity

  1. Beautiful thoughts…if only we as humans understood the basics of our soul…rather than trying to eliminate others primarily on differences.

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