Cactus will Never Grow Grains


Why to knock at the door again?
Despite knowing it holds nothing
Except some more disappointment,
And unforgettable regrets..
Gifted by painful experiences,
Of mere self-worthlessness..
Leaving behind bleak deprivation.
Why to bear the shame again?
Why does reason fail to persuade
Cactus will never grow grains.
Imprudent hopes lead nowhere,
Only assemble to get hurt severe,
In different situations, by different people.
Blame their cruelty or curse your fate,
But why letting you to accept that?
Disgusting bruised esteem differently,
While succumb it to desires’ reins.
Do we enjoy the wretched addiction?
Pity selflessness and self-denial
The lingering pain of rejection,
Tempt to fill us with more emptiness.

~Umair R.~


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