Communal Threat to Humanity


The emotional bonds seemingly providing a foundation for unity and integrity, often act as the greatest threat to humanity and the intended oneness of the human creation. In a generally known way patriotism unites the nation under one flag, and on the other hand develops cultural and political prejudice for people of other nationality. Similarly extreme religiosity may inculcate intolerance for other faiths and apparently pleasant and harmless human languages divide individuals of same kingdom into several apathetic groups.

This results in weakening of the most primitive bond of oneness and dwindling of the universal synchronization. Today a compassionate heart can witness countless incidents of ignorant and vicious acts done by a man to the mankind. From common discrimination among people to massive barbaric killing for the acquisition of power and resources, everything was emerged as a consequent product of human dissection, apparently aimed at empowering people with distinctive identity but terribly ended up in dissonance of human race. We are unsympathetic to the suffering of humanity because we have not been victimized specifically. In the absence of empathy when misery of one doesn’t disturb the other, only our individual suffering will make us realize what is meant to be hated, killed and abandoned. I’m afraid it would be too late then and nothing can be done with the belated realization.

Umair R.

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