Confession of a Son

I’m ashamed to call me your son
The one for whom you sacrificed,
Your peace, your health & your life
I became the purpose of your life..
And you were always a need of mine..
I called you whenever I want something
And never bothered to ask if you need anything
I always thought it was your responsibility
I wish I had realised mine as well..
I always complained you don’t understand my point
But never noticed how rude & stubborn I was
You taught me how to read & write..
Now I claim to be more educated than you
As a child, whenever I embarrassed you in public,
You used to laugh and forgive on my stupidity
Now as a sophisticated adult,
I’m ashamed to carry you with me
Although, I also claim to love you
But the difference between our love is that
You show your unconditional love all 365 days
And I wait all year for one day to express.


3 thoughts on “Confession of a Son

  1. We tend to hold our mothers to a higher standard than any other person we know. Truth is though, she’s just a woman, doing her best, trying to survive, love, learn, while making mistakes &finding herself. Choose love, forgive yourself and her and keep it movin!

    • I don’t think she is just another person. She is the one who brought us in this world and spent her nights awakened for us. Nobody is hurt on our pain as much as our mothers do. I believe, Mother’s Love is as sacred as God’s Love. And she deserves much more appreciation and applause.

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