Confession of a Son

My Urban Philosophy

I’m ashamed to call me your son
The one for whom you sacrificed,
Your peace, your health & your life
I became the purpose of your life..
And you were always a need of mine..
I called you whenever I want something
And never bothered to ask if you need anything
I always thought it was your responsibility
I wish I had realised mine as well..
I always complained you don’t understand my point
But never noticed how rude & stubborn I was
You taught me how to read & write..
Now I claim to be more educated than you
As a child, whenever I embarrassed you in public,
You used to laugh and forgive on my stupidity
Now as a sophisticated adult,
I’m ashamed to carry you with me
Although, I also claim to love you
But the difference between our love is that
You show your unconditional love…

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