Yes.. I’m the Believer

My eyes are burning..
With fully ripened dreams..
The desire of having all the undesired..
Keeping me awake all night..
The spark of energy has turned into an irresistible flame..
Which makes me go against myself, harder and harder..
Challenging the challenges. . Weakening the weaknesses. .
Within every disability there’s an ability..
What goes against the resistance survive the longest..
I thank all the odds that made me discover myself..
the suffering gives me a sense of being alive.. Being a warrior. .
I’m fighting the battle with empty hands..Have nothing to lose..
And there is a lot to Win.. To Explore.. To Discover..
My heart is full of eternal faith in myself.. in the universe and the Divine Creator..
Within every misfortune there lies a fortune..
Every dark night witnesses the sunshine..
Every misery awaits its Reward to compensate. .
We just need to be patient. . And to believe the Nature.
Yes, I’m the Believer.


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