Let the Silence make Noise.



I’ve said enough to voice my opinions..

I’ve tried hard to influence people..

My motive was to change the world,

and make the difference in lives of people..

In the war of Right and Wrong..

In the debate of different philosophies..

In the victories of arguments and the failures,

I got a deep realization that..

It’s not the words that persuade people..

or the flaming energies or the depth of arguments..

People Change at the Right time..

when they are meant to change..

Lessons learnt from experiences last forever..

So Why to waste time in Changing the world..

Let me discover my own self.. my own world..

My Universe is within.. in my thoughts and Soul..

It’s time to be a silent observer.. and an honest learner..

It’s time to focus my energies on myself..

Let my actions set an example.

Let my Silence make the Noise.


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