Changing Ourselves to Please Others

They say change is good. I agree change is good if it adds value to your life. Change could be of many types, however two broad categories of change would be: you change yourself on your own call and changing ourselves to meet the set criterion of our family or friends. Most of us try to change to please others. They think by doing so they would get acceptance by others and people start liking them. Fat people go on strict diet plans and start sweating in gym just to get ‘ideal’ figure so that they may attract people and receive compliments. While some apply expensive cosmetics to look beautiful. This happens when you hate yourself and the present state you are in. This hatred makes you obsessive about good looks and lowers your self esteem that may result in indulging risking behaviors.

There is no harm in working out and taking healthy diet if you do it for your own betterment. We should work on our image and all have a right to look good. But it must not happen for the sake of others. At the first place, we should establish peace within and be friends with our own self. Then only we could love others and make them happy. But it should not be done on the cost of your self esteem. It’s not a good deal to trade your individuality by struggling to get rid of your personality traits. You are beautiful because God made you unique. Start loving yourself to be capable of loving others.


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