Denial of Absolute Truth

Truth is absolute and will never be changed with our ignorance and denial. It will come to you at a point of time when you have no other option than accepting it. Knowing this and accepting it are two different things. Since our childhood, we have been told to speak the truth and avoid telling a lie. Speaking the truth to others is a later part, first we have to speak the truth to ourselves that is our utmost stakeholder. Satisfying your soul from the purity of truth is never an easy task. At times, speaking truth to others is far easier than speaking truth to our own selves.

We see what we want to see and keep thoughts that may please us. On the other hand, there is an absolute reality which may differ or reject our contemporary thoughts that have occupied most of the part of our mind. It happens when we don’t want to face the reality or bitter reality rather. In any way, it would remain the same, denial or ignorance may divert our mind to something else but it won’t lessen the importance and weight-age of the reality. What would probably happen is that the absolute truth may encounter us at a point of time when we have no other option and we accept it as the verdict of written destiny.

Destiny is nothing but the truth: Absolute truth. We can bless our souls by accepting the verdict of destiny or fight with it till end and defeat it with our own will power. In both the cases, destiny is eternal that defines our path of life and determines the direction to head.


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