Criticism on Contemporary Media


Criticism on Media

Being a student of mass communication I really get irritated at times this irritation exceeds to the limit of frustration when contemporary media is blamed for every social problem. It’s a perception of a lay man that whatever happens in the society is because it is depicted on television screen or cinema if we talk about big screen. However, the situation is exactly opposite to it. Media is showing what is happening in the society and it’s brutal, cruel, nasty or immoral than it’s not the fault of media.

In conservative societies where there is a significant number of people who are living in the digital age and thinks TV Radio Internet should be banned or restricted don’t actually realize the potential of mass media. There was an ex-colleague, once he proudly said that he takes all nephew niece to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon on internet and then he pull out the internet connection wire so that no kid could access internet in his absence. I asked the age of the eldest kid and he was 13, means 2-3 years later when he would get the exposure of real world, he might try everything from which he was restrained.

I believe educating kids about content of media and providing age appropriate information is the solution instead of complete BAN. Banning has never been a solution to any problem. When we buy a mobile phone or a microwave oven, it comes with a small guide book mentioning how to use it to fully utilize it. Similarly, there should be a guide book for television as well. Kids are not supposed to watch typical Indian masala drama, rather they should watch national geographic, discovery or cartoon network for their intellectual growth. If a mother is watching a family politics drama with her kids, then responsibility comes on mother’s shoulder not the media.

Lastly I would like to comment on CONTENT. No media is bad media. It’s same as knife or gun can be used both ways for a positive purpose to help and negative purpose to kill. Similarly, content could be good or bad but not media. Media is just a channel and means of communication. Who criticize content of media, I strongly invite them to start communicating good things for the betterment on social media (of course running a TV channel is not possible for everyone) Be a responsible source of information and lead people towards prosperity. Play your role but Don’t complaint.


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