Relationships for the Sake of …..?


Changing Relationships

Just ended up watching Bollywood new release, “I, Me aur Main” it was a simple triangular love story of break up between a unwed couple and both guy and girl find new partners and things moved on. Soon after first breakup, the girl gets pregnant and chooses to deliver the child even if its father doesn’t take responsibility. Well, then there’s typical Indian masala goes on.. What enticed my interest was the climax of the movie. I was not surprised to see the guy (hero) decides for a patch up with ex-girlfriend because he was emotionally touched by his mom’s words. Instead, the decision of girl (heroine) was quite interesting. She was of opinion that if they could continue to live together just for the sake of baby then their differences will remain the same and chances are there it would end up as divorce. She doesn’t wants to give a stressful family to her baby, therefore let her ex and father of her child, go and marry the woman he loves. At the end, it was shown that both of the parents are raising the child and spending time with her separately and his new girl friend happily accepts the baby.

Well that’s cute. But I was thinking if it could actually happen in real life? Can woman lets father of her child go to someone else happily? Can both parents take care of a child while being with their new spouses? Can new spouses accept the child?

Are our values actually changing to this extend? or such stories are seen on big screen only. What we see in reality, is most of the parents live together just for the sake of children, they don’t opt to separate because of social pressure. They sacrifice their happiness to look as a happy family. Is the scene changing with modernity? Time will witness that.


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