Changing Family Dynamics in Modern Times


Changing family dynamics in modern times

Making others understand what you think is always difficult especially when you’re somewhat bothered with their opinion about you. Or sometime, you just want to win the argument with your sister, colleague or friend to have an edge on the on-going discussion. Let’s talk about the family here. Hmm family is still a robust institution of eastern society when escalating social, psychological and economic factors are abating its traditional roots. The structure of an eastern home has also transformed catering to the changing family norms, resulting in frustration for the elder members who are reluctant to the change and at the same time, for young individuals who are desperate to adapt new civilization model.

This family chaos not only affects the overall functioning of the institution but also endorse the existing stereotype perceptions about new generation. HOW? Let me elaborate that in easy words. An adolescent or a young boy who gets up for college in morning, hits gym, goes to cinema, dines out with friends and spends hours on internet so that’s how his lifestyle is. He is brought up in the same culture. It doesn’t mean he is not concerned about his grades or career. He is often judged as irresponsible on the basis of his activities in any family argument. An elder gets an edge at this point because using Facebook for 2 hours is useless and it makes sense to any sane person.

Now, let’s take other situation. A housewife and mother who spends most of her time in household stuff and for most of the women, television is the only entertainment to spend leisure time. Mostly she watches morning shows, or drama so that she could relate herself with those characters depicted on the screen and gets emotional boost. It’s her lifestyle that she adapted over a period of time. We often find husbands blaming their wives “what you do whole day? Just sit at home and watch TV” or frustrated wife yelling at husband “You spend all day out, How do you know about domestic issues”.

Ironically an intelligent techie kid who experiences world wearing 3D glasses, uses smartphones and believes in virtual relationships fails to fit in this traditional model of family. At times, he feels alienated in the orthodox system. He loves and respects his mom, dad and siblings but loses his temperament in explaining himself and giving justifications for his actions. He loves the artificiality and glamour of modernity and dreaming to see him there. He can’t help if he prefers drinking Coke over Orange Juice. Similarly, if he chooses to go out with friends on weekend rather visiting uncle’s house with family, it has nothing to do with morality or mannerism.

So, it’s about our brought up, lifestyle and environment that shape our personality and traits. We make our daily choices on the basis of the influences of what we see around and exposed to. Using Facebook could be as boring for a typical adult as reading newspaper for a young person. Problem arises when we judge others on the basis of our own perceptions and put labels on them because they fail to fit in our standards of morality and decency. There are many factors responsible behind any character. Understanding those factors can make you develop a better understanding about a person. But it happens only if you’re genuinely willing to understand, cooperate and accept him the way he is, otherwise it’s more convenient to make a false image.


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